TW: comparing internal communication channels

04 July 2013 1 min. read

In order to improve cooperation on the work floor, companies are massively adopting social media and communication channels.  The challenge most companies face: What communication channels are most effective and should be used internally? A new investigation by the consultancy firm Towers Watson offers interesting new insights. In line with this, instant messaging tools and video/telephone conferences are by far the forms of communication used most of the time.  These forms of communication also seem to be the most effective. Relatively new channels – like apps and social media – yet made huge progress in past years.

Tower Watson asked managers of 290 large and medium-sized companies in North-America, Europe and Asia about their experiences in the field of internal communication. Respondents were asked to rate 14 different channels scaled on two dimensions: effectiveness and use. An overview:

Towers Watson - Interne Communicatiekanalen
Social media

The investigation points out that meanwhile over half of participating employers at the moment use multiple social media-tools as part of their internal communication. Towers Watson predicts that social media as a part of internal communication will gain more popularity in upcoming years. “Because of the necessity for international cooperation becoming more and more apparent, we expect increasingly more companies will use social media in communicating their message in a creative fashion” says Celeste de Quelerij, practice leader Communication and Change Management Consulting at the advisory firm.

Social media not only support delivering communication messages, but social media also create involvement. “If employees want to involve and tie their external employees effectively, they have to ensure direct communication with executives, managers and colleagues. We think social media-tools play an important part in situations like these” according the advisor.