Accenture buys Fjord's advisory firm's service design

22 May 2013 1 min. read
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Accenture has taken over Fjord, an international service design advisory firm. Over 200 digital marketing consultants are transferred to Accenture and are integrated within Accenture Interactive. With this acquisition Accenture is enforcing its global position in the field of digital and mobile marketing services. The acquisition purchase has not been announced.

Fjord, founded in 2001, has supported hundreds of customers in developing digital marketing and online platforms during the past years. During this time this advisory firm worked for, amongst others, BBC, BBVA, Citibank, Nokia, PayPal and Telefónica. Fjord has 200 employees in different offices in London, Berlin, Helsinki, Istanbul, Madrid, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Stockholm.


Digital marketing advisory branche

For quite some time, Accenture is working on expanding its knowledge and market share in digital marketing consultancy – one of the largest growth segments in the advisory branche. In October 2012 Accenture took over the American organization AvVenta. This organization had up to 600 employees which made it a huge acquisition within the landscape of digital marketing. Even last week Accenture bought Acquity Group , because of this, now 600 employees are part of Accenture’s fast growing ‘Interactive’ business unit.

Front of the web and mobile applications

With Fjord’s acquisition, the international advisory firm gains more knowledge about the ‘front side’ of the web and mobile applications. It is the goal to improve customer service in building online strategies and inventing apps for mobile platforms having an end-to-end service delivery.