Core Values

The six core values of First Consulting:

Sharp Our sharp analytical insight enables us to ask the right questions and to get to the bottom of every problem. We really want to fully understand what is going on. We do this by digging into the subject matter and relying on facts.

Daring Where there is a will there is a way! We face every problem by thinking in solutions: "can’t" is not in our vocabulary. We are convinced that there is always a way. We frequently choose to go off the beaten track and we like stepping out of our comfort zone in the pursuit of the best answer for our clients

Together Together we make First Consulting. We work in carefully composed teams, complementing each other’s strengths. Our flat organization has short lines, making everyone accessible. In addition, we do not have an office: we always work on location at and with our clients. After all, we achieve the best result together!

Fun We like our work, we are driven and we enjoy overcoming challenges. We love personal interaction and we make sure the working atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable. We encourage thee values outside of working hours too. We consider a healthy balance between delivery and relaxation to be essential to the outcome of client assignments and well-being of our people.

No-nonsense We are defined by our clear and transparent approach: honest and straightforward, telling it like it is. No vague and complex gibberish, but simple and achievable solutions aimed at results. A defined goal is always front and centre of our efforts.

Trust For us, trust means giving space and taking space, and it leads to personal development, involvement and cooperation. We do what we promise, are honest and keep our word. Positive and critical feedback based on mutual respect is appreciated. We rely on each other's professionalism and the client relies on us.