Operations Consulting

Operations consulting, also referred to as operations management, is defined as advisory and/or implementation services that improve an organisation's value chain. Operations management consulting projects create more effective client operations by advising on and supporting with the implementation of changes to the organisation, functional business processes, management systems, culture and other elements part of the value chain.

Operations consulting services

The market for operations consulting services consists of six main disciplines: Sales & Marketing, Process Management, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Finance and Outsourcing. An overview of the key expertise areas per discipline:

Operations consulting market

The market for operations consulting services is estimated to be worth $63.6 billion, making it the largest segment within the global consulting market, representing nearly 30% of the total. This year and next year the operations advisory market is forecasted to grow with more than 5% per annum, as a result the CAGR for the period 2011 - 2015 will amount to 5.0%.


Wat does an operations consultant do?

Operations consultants are hired by clients to support them with improving the efficiency of their value chain. These services include developing and implementing target operating / service delivery models, executing cost reduction programme's and optimising business processes. It in addition includes designing and implementing business transformations in both primary and secondary functions. Examples include boosting the 'Customer Experience' (Sales, Marketing), improving the efficiency of logistics (Supply Chain), redesigning the manner raw materials are sourced (Procurement) and other front-office and back-office initiatives.

Operations consulting firms

As operations management is at the heart of the majority of management issues the overlarge share of consulting firms provide services in one of the six key service areas. Analysts typically distinguish between two types of firms: 'pure-play' operational consulting firms (i.e. focus exclusively on operations or one of the functional areas) and 'operations practices' of multi-service firms (a service line of a generalist consulting firm that provides operations services).

Operations consulting news

For the latest news on operations consulting see the 'Market Insights' section, which presents the latest information across 20+ different operations category's. An overview of selected category's: