Top consulting firms in the UK 2024

Our guide of top consulting firms provides an overview of UK’s leading players for 2024.

The UK is home to hundreds of consulting firms – large, mid-sized, boutique and niche consultancies – serving clients across all conceivable industries and practice areas. However, only a select group of consulting firms can claim to be a leader in the market or in their segment.

The ‘Top consulting firms in the UK’ guide by takes a unique and industry-wide approach to separate the best from the rest.

The 2024 ranking showcases consultancies who have built a reputation as the most trusted, expert and influential providers in the nation. They help corporations, governments, entrepreneurs and other types of organisations with solving their most pressing problems and capitalising on their biggest opportunities.

The ranking presents the leading consultancies across 40 sectors and 40 areas of expertise.

The ranking was compiled through the region’s largest database of stakeholder views and firm capabilities, with scores based on the reviews of executives and consultants (the survey is open all year round), as well as on assessments of firm capabilities, reputation, analyst benchmarks, industry recognitions, thought leadership and more.

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Top Consulting Firms
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