Steward Redqueen launches socio-economic network

30 October 2014 2 min. read

Steward Redqueen, a consulting firm from The Netherlands, has launched a new advisory network that brings together international experts in the field of economics and sustainability. The network – dubbed ‘SRQ Associates Network’ – will primarily focus on joint engagement delivery in emerging markets.

From its base in Haarlem (The Netherlands) and its team of 15 consultants, Steward Redqueen supports clients with socio-economic issues, including economic impact, ESG management, development impact and sustainability.

Steward Redqueen starts social economy network

Over the past years, Steward Redqueen has expanded its client portfolio with several large multinationals, such as Coca Cola, Heineken, SABMiller and Standard Chartered Bank, and as a result the firm has increasingly executed projects outside Europe. To meet the growing global demand for its services and at the same time ensure high-quality delivery, Steward Redqueen recently decided to establish a partner network. Shortly after the network’s launch, which carries the name ‘SRQ Associates Network’, three consultancies were added: Ecoforge Advisors (Bangalore, India), Gerencia Ambiental Internacional (Guatemala City, Guatemala) and Pallavi Shah Consulting (Washington DC, USA). Similar to Steward Redqueen, all three firms focus on socio-economic matters and can boast on a solid local track record.

The network, which will be led by Steward Redqueen, will primarily focus on combined engagement delivery opportunities, although in some cases the cooperation may be extended to business development and/or thought leadership. “All partners will remain working in their individual operations, but collaborations will be sought for whenever it would enable us to present clients with a stronger combination of expertise, knowledge and local presence,” explains Willem Vosmer, Partner at Steward Redqueen and lead of the SRQ Associates network.

Steward Redqueen

With the cooperation in place, Vosmer expects that the network partners will be better positioned to respond to client demands and market challenges. “Our clients are increasingly demanding local expertise and on-the-ground presence. With the SRQ Associates Network in place, we can effectively bundle relevant services and expertise, hence providing clients with better services and results.” Going forward, he expects that the footprint will be extended to new territories, with a network partner in every continent as the end-goal. “In particular the financial centres of for instance Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, Nairobi and Singapore are hubs that are high on our priority list.”