KPMG stops sponsorship deal with LSE Athletics Union

28 October 2014 1 min. read
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KPMG has decided to end its sponsorship of the Athletics Union (AU) at the London School of Economics (LSE) as a result of pamphlets handed out by the men’s rugby team of the LSE filled with homophobic and sexist texts. 

Big Four firm KPMG has announced the termination of its £22,000 sponsorship following the outrage over sexist and homophobic pamphlets handed out by the LSE men’s rugby team beginning October at a freshers’ fair. The LSE subsequently decided to disband the rugby club, but the consulting firm decided to end its sponsorship of the entire AU. “Diversity and inclusion is an issue which KPMG treats with paramount importance,” comments KPMG. “KPMG in no way supports derogatory comments made towards any individual or group and, after speaking to the club to raise our concerns over recent issues, we agreed to end the current arrangement.”

KPMG stops sponsorship Athletics Union at LSE

Commenting on the ended sponsorship, General Secretary of the LSE Student Union, Nona Buckley-Irvine, stated that it is “disappointing to see that the actions of one club have cost the rest of our sports teams the funding that they need and deserve. The impact that this has had on the wider AU reinforces that disbanding the club was the right decision to take. We are working to make sure that no team is financially disadvantaged by the actions of the rugby club.”