Analysis ADL: German internet economy booming

07 November 2013 1 min. read
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The German internet economy is booming. This year it had a value of €63 billion. The upcoming four years this market will grow by 72% to €87 billion. The largest growth is coming from e-commerce and online advertisement. This is concluded in the market analysis from Arthur D. Little commissioned by Eco. Eco assigned the strategy advisory firm to map previous years’ developments in the German internet economy. Aspects like payments, media-revenues and technical infrastructure were looked at closely. Turnover from the mobile app segment were not included in the investigation. An overview presented by Arthur D. Little:

ADL Internetwirtschaft

This year, the economic value was €63 billion. According expectations this economy, on average, will annually increase by 11%. The segment ‘Aggregation & Transaction’ (layer 3) will have a €30.8 billion value turnover and is thereby the biggest segment in the German internet economy.

ADL Gesamtmarkt

Withing the Aggregation & Transaction category e-commerce represented an estimated 70% of the total. The e-commerce trading in Germany will, as expected, grow from €21.7 million to €28.4 billion, making this an increase of almost 31%.

ADL Aggregation & Transaktion

See the report ‘Market analysis Internet economy Germany’ for more information.

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A thriving internet economy is not a unique phenomenon only seen in Germany. A study undertaken by Boston Consulting Group from 2012 showed that the internet economy of the G20 countries will double between 2012 and 2016. By the end of 2016 the total value will be around the expected $4,2 trillion.