Deloitte: Premier League spends more than ever before

29 August 2014 2 min. read
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Spending by Premier League in the current summer transfer window has already broken all records, reveals an analysis from Deloitte. The current spending total of £725 million surpasses last year’s previous record by almost £100 million, while there still are four days to go.

The analysis from accounting and consulting firm Deloitte shows that over the past decade Premier League clubs have massively boosted their transfer budgets, from around £300 million between 2003 and 2007 to the current £725 million (just for the summer window). The overlage majority of the spending is done in the summer transfer window. An overview:

Premier Leaque clubs - Annual gross tranfer fee 2014/15

“This summer transfer window is one of records.  It has so far seen a higher level of spending than in any previous window, with a new record gross spend in a single window for a single Premier League club, and has included a record transfer fee for an individual player in English football (the transfer of Angel Di Maria to Manchester United),” says Dan Jones, partner in Deloitte’s Sports Business Group. Given that there still are four days to go, he expects the number to rise even further: “Considering that in each of the last two summer windows more than 20% of total Premier League clubs’ spending has occurred on deadline day, there is still potential for a significant increase in that figure.”

The higher transfer budgets are according to Jones mainly the result of improved broadcast deals. “Last season the average Premier League club received around £25 million more in central broadcast distributions than they did in 2012/13,” explains the sports consultant.

Premier Leaque clubs - Annual gross transfer fee 2003-2014

Once again foreign competitions are the largest hunting ground for Premier League clubs, currently accounting for roughly 65% of the total transfer spend. £195 million has exchanged hands within England’s top-flight and £55 million has been paid to the Football League – clubs that operate in the professional divisions under the Premier League.