Bain & Company: Top 10 management models and tools

04 July 2013 1 min. read

'Strategic Planning', 'Customer Relationship Management' (CRM) and 'Employee Engagement Surveys'' are globally the most used management tools by managers. Benchmarking, up to recently the most popular management tool, has dropped to 4th place, reveals a new research report from Bain & Company.

Since 1993 the global strategy consulting firm looks into the most popular and effective tools. This year it asked more than 1.200 executives and managers from all continents of the globe to rate the usage and satisfaction of 25 management tools*, ranging from the traditional 'Total Quality Management' (TQM) to the more modern 'Social Media Programs' or 'Big Data Analytics'.

Top 10 management tools

An overview of the tool usage and satisfaction:

Bain - Top 10 Management Tools

The results show that the popularity of tools differs per region. European managers are large supporters of the 'Balanced Scorecard', while colleagues from the US favour using 'Employee Engagement Surveys'. In South America 'Business Process Reengineering' (BPRP) leads the pack and in the APAC region the #1 spot goes to CRM. A comparison of the tool usage per region:

Bain - Meest Gebruikte Management Tools

(t) = tied; shared position.