Nihombashi Corporation joins Baker Tilly International

21 August 2014 1 min. read
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Baker Tilly International has announced an expansion with Tokyo-based Nihombashi Corporation. 12 partners and 40 employees will join the global accounting and consultin network. With the addition Baker Tilly consists of 161 affiliated firms in 137 countries worldwide.

Baker Tilly International is a network of independently owned and managed accountancy and business consulting firms. The network is comprised of 27,000 professionals, working in 137 countries, that help privately held businesses and public interest entities meet challenges and respond to opportunities.

Baker Tilly International - Tokyo skyline

Expanding global network
Recently, Baker Tilly International announced the expansion of the global network with Nihombashi Corporation, to strengthen its coverage in Japan. Nihombashi Corporation was founded in 1952 and delivers audit services. “This is an exciting time for our firm. Our multinational and local clients will benefit immensely from the expertise of the global network and we are keen to promote the wide range of services that are now available to them through our membership of Baker Tilly International,” says Katsushi Kuroda, Chairman of Nihombashi Corporation.

Geoff Barnes, CEO and president of Baker Tilly International, commented on the expansion: “We are excited that quality firms like Nihombashi Corporation want to be part of our global network. We are always looking for firms that share our values and have an outstanding commitment to client service.”  With the addition, the Baker Tilly International network will be expanded, with 12 partners and 40 employees, to 161 affiliated firms.

Baker Tilly in UK
Just recently, Baker Tilly UK decided to exit the Baker Tilly International network, leaving it without a UK member firm, to join competitor RSM Tenon.