EY and Capgemini best in LinkedIn Content Marketing

19 August 2014 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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LinkedIn has released its latest rankings on the companies that make the best use of content marketing on their platform. The top 10 is led by Forbes, and almost equally divided among publishers and technology brands. Two consulting firms – Capgemini and EY – managed to make the prestigious list.

LinkedIn, the business-oriented social networking service, has released its so-called ‘Most Influential Global Brands on LinkedIn’ ranking. To compile this list, the company researched the brands, and the awareness and engagement they generate through the (relevant) content they share. To quantify the performance of the different brands, LinkedIn used the Content Marketing Score (CMS)*, a methodology that LinkedIn released in March of this year.

Top 10
The ranking lists the top 10 most influential brands in the area of content marketing. Forbes is ranked number one, followed by the World Economic Forum and Inc. Magazine. The remainder of the list is almost equally divided among publishers: The Wall-Street Journal, Financial Times and Mashable, and technology companies: Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Salesforce.com.

Top 10 most influential brands

Ranking per country
In addition, LinkedIn also compiled a top-3 ranking for 16 individual countries**. In two countries, consulting firms managed to gain a top-3 spot: EY in the UK and Capgemini in its home base France.

EY and Capgemini best in LinkedIn Content Marketing

Best practices
According to the social network, the top ranked companies have three practices in common. They provide continues updates on industry news, release and share tailored made and original content to specific audience and insert themselves into conversations audiences care about. “Marketers are increasingly looking to measure and benchmark their content marketing efforts against competitor brands. The top brands, as per the CMS score, have clearly taken advantage of the platform's offering and enhanced their relevance and influence,” says LinkedIn.

* LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score (CMS) is a way to quantify the influence companies have on LinkedIn through content marketing efforts. CMS can be analysed at any point throughout a marketing effort, and will measure “member engagement with sponsored updates, company pages, LinkedIn groups, employee updates, and influencer posts."

** US, Canada, UK, Brazil, Switzerland, France, Australia, Germany, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Austria, Netherlands, Malaysia, and Singapore.