KPMG sets up regional alumni network in Bahrain

15 August 2014 1 min. read
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KPMG’s global alumni network has been expanded with the newly set up alumni network in Bahrain. This regional network aims at bringing together 300 alumni and keeping them connected with the developments of the global accounting- and consulting giant.

For consulting firms, alumni networks are important assets. Not only do they enable firms to keep in touch with potential clients – majority of alumni end up in management positions across all industries – its importance as a channel for recruitment is also growing. Many alumni eventually choose to return to the consulting industry, and with a network in place, search and recruitment costs can be minimised. From an alumnus perspective, alumni networks are highly valued because they enable former employees to stay in touch with the organisation. Alumni can stay connected with key developments of the firm, former colleagues, exchange professional views and, if required, reconnect with other alumni.

KPMG - Bahrain

Alumni Bahrain
Against this background, KPMG in Bahrain has also decided to launch an alumni network. The community aims at bringing together over 300 professionals in Bahrain (and the region) that have worked for KPMG, either locally or overseas. “Any good business person knows that nurturing relationships is key to keeping on top of your profession,” says Jamal Fakhro, Managing Partner of KPMG in Bahrain.

Former Manager at KPMG, Nawaf Al Maskati, who currently is Director of Sales and Marketing at Maskati Bros and Company, says: “KPMG's alumni programme is an exciting initiative to rekindle relationships. From a business perspective, it allows you to stay abreast of your contacts’ new ventures and the latest industry insights; and on a personal front, you get a chance to know what’s new with your old friends and co-workers. I look forward to taking part in the upcoming activities.”