NineFeetTall supports children's hospice with digital access

26 June 2024 2 min. read
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Children’s Hospice South West has transformed its care delivery operations, helping its support staff to access information through their handheld devices. The changes were supported by consulting firm Nine Feet Tall.

Overseeing three of the 41 children's hospices in the UK, Children’s Hospice South West cares for children and young people living with life-limiting conditions and their families. From its hospices in Devon, Somerset and Cornwall, the charity provides hospice breaks, emergency care, palliative and end of life care.

As healthcare providers look to improve vital care across the National Health Services, NHS England recently confirmed regulatory guidelines to help deliver improvements on digital support. This enabled Children’s Hospice South West to look into upgrading its services, including allowing its care teams to input and access information via handheld devices – helping with real-time changes to how they support families.

NineFeetTall supports children's hospice with digital access

But delivering such a step-change in the organisation necessitated a digitally-capable partner. To that end, Children’s Hospice South West has transformed its care delivery operations with support from change management consultancy Nine Feet Tall.

The hospice commissioned Nine Feet Tall to manage the roll out of a new data system across its operations, and support 173 staff members within its care team. Over a period of 11 months, this saw the consultancy provide ensure progress in digitising all care plans, as well as helping with note taking, and training front line staff in the use of handheld devices used to support the new system. The advisory firm’s onboarding also ensured that staff at all levels could use the new technology.

Reflecting on the engagement, Children’s Hospice South West Deputy CEO Jess Patel said, “The new digital technology continues to transform our operations and making the best use of digital efficiencies allowing our skilled Care Teams to focus on providing the best quality care to the children who visit our hospices. Offering extra capacity within our internal team, Nine Feet Tall worked alongside our digital colleagues, providing expert project management support from start to finish. This specialist support ensured the transition to the new digital system ran as smoothly as possible.”

Headquartered in Bath and with offices in London and Manchester, Nine Feet Tall specialises in delivering complex change, aligning the power of people and technology. The company specialises in retail and consumer goods, housing, construction, manufacturing, legal and financial services, along with the third sector.

Speaking on the engagement, Lucy Zambrano, project lead at Nine Feet Tall, added, “Transitioning to an entirely new technology like this is a real challenge, taking time and resource, and requiring specialist expertise. We’re thrilled to see how well the Care Teams have adopted the new system. All data is now stored and can be accessed centrally and consistently, and collaboration and user experiences have improved across all Children’s Hospice South West sites.”