esynergy announces partnership with strategist Simon Wardley

04 June 2024 2 min. read
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Technology consultancy esynergy has announced a new partnership with strategist Simon Wardley. The inventor of the ‘Wardley Mapping’ technique will now work with esynergy to help its clients drive sustainable change.

"Simon's expertise in Wardley Mapping will be an invaluable asset as we accelerate business value for our clients," said Kate Daniels, head of public services at esynergy.

As a former CEO and former advisory board member of a number of startups which have been since acquired by major US corporations including Hyperledger, Cloudscaling and Enstratius. Wardley was most recently a director of strategy and growth for DXC Technology, but was initially a geneticist, with a love of mathematics and a fascination in economics. He put this knowledge of complex systems, including behavioural patterns, environmental risks, and computer systems into his own methodology.

esynergy announces partnership with strategist Simon Wardley

A Wardley map is a map for business strategy, in which components are positioned within a value chain and anchored by the user need – while movement is described by an ‘evolution axis’. Wardley created this technique at Fotango in 2005, having created the evolutionary framing the year before. This later saw him twice voted in the top 50 most influential people in the UK IT industry.

According to esynergy, the Wardley Mapping methodology provides “invaluable insights into business value chains”, enabling organisations to “anticipate market shifts, identify areas for innovation, and seize strategic opportunities”. By visually mapping business ecosystems, Wardley Mapping empowers leaders to make informed decisions and optimise processes – something which esynergy hopes to put to work to help clients “navigate the complexities of the digital landscape and drive sustainable business growth”.

esynergy is a technology consultancy which works with enterprises and scale-ups in highly regulated industries. Its delivery teams are small and highly functional, formed by a vetted ecosystem of associates, partners and “luminaries”, the latest of which to join is Wardley.

Wardley added, "I'm excited to partner with esynergy to help businesses navigate the complexities of today's digital landscape. By leveraging Wardley Mapping, we aim to provide organisations with the strategic insights needed to foster innovation, optimise processes, and pursue sustainable growth.”