Bain launches campaign for successful female students

04 May 2012 1 min. read

The German and Swiss branches of Bain & Company have launched a special 'mentoring' program to encourage female students to start their career in the consulting industry and of course with Bain. According to the strategy consulting office, females are in high-demand in the advisory branche due to several specific characteristics, characteristics possessed to a lesser extent than their male colleagues. As part of the 'mentoring' program, a senior Bain & Company advisor will mentor a student in the last year of her studies for the period of 6 months.

Approximately 25% of the consultants at Bain Germany and Switzerland are female, its ambition is to raise that to over 40% in the long term.

Bain Company - Female students

Strengths of women

In a press release, Bain states that "certain strengths of women are in high demand, such as structured thinking, collaborative working style, ability to multitask and communication skills". In addition, the firm acknowledges that women generally consider consulting to be a male-dominated industry and as a result they are weary of entering. Diana Eid, recruiting manager at Bain & Company: "Once females are fully aware of the various and flexible opportunities for career development at Bain we observe a considerable increase in the likelihood that they apply with us".

Mentoring program

Students with exceptional credentials can apply for the program. Once selected, they can expect support in a number of areas from Bain & Company. Firstly, the Bain mentor will support students with long-term career planning. In addition, they will receive support with applying for jobs, including building a CV, job interview tips and feedback. Thirdly, selected students will receive an 'inside' view of Bain by being granted the possibility of attending in house events and/or participating in Bain office events. To ensure that the there is an ideal match between the mentor and student, both parties have the choice to choose one another based on personal background and interests.