Deltek launches Gen AI tool Dela for smarter project management

17 April 2024 2 min. read

Consultants using Deltek technology to run their projects now have a new intelligent companion at their side – Dela, an AI-powered assistant that can provide guidance and operational support.

The new AI assistant Dela is available in most solutions across the Deltek product suite, including Vantagepoint, Deltek’s ERP platform tailored for management and digital consulting firms.

Dela offers support across the entire project lifecycle through its ability to generate content, run information searches, develop reports, gain insight into risks and mitigations, and empower project members to work more efficiently.

Deltek launches Gen AI tool Dela for smarter project management

The AI-driven tool also has an engine that helps predict project and organisational success. “Dela leverages machine learning to analyse past project performance and resource utilization that helps inform processes and business needs,” explained Bret Tushaus, Vice President of Product Strategy at Deltek.

“Dela can automate processes and inform decisions on everything from resourcing needs to project staffing,” he added.

Tushaus said that the launch comes on the back of an extensive development process, with trust and security at the core of the tool’s design and large language models. 

“At Deltek, we’re committed to making the project lifecycle smarter and know that project-based businesses need a trusted partner that is not only innovative for the sake of innovation but supports them to transform their business. We created Dela to meet this business need, providing project-based businesses with intelligent prediction and automation capabilities – it’s like a having a crystal ball for project management.”

Dela can be activated through intuitive voice or text commands, meaning that the tool is easy to use for both project managers and team members.

The launch comes ahead of a new report that reveals the growing importance of AI in the project lifecycle. Three-quarters of professional services firms surveyed by Deltek said that they believe successfully implementing AI will give them a significant competitive advantage (74%).

Over 4 in 10 respondents believe that successful AI implementation will increase profits. “Using AI, project-based businesses benefit from cost savings that make projects more profitable,” Tushaus said.

More than 30,000 project-based businesses worldwide currently use one of Deltek’s systems for running their operations. Alongside consulting, the US-headquartered company also has a strong presence in the engineering, architecture, contracting, accounting, and technology sectors.

Dela is currently available in several of Deltek’s systems including Vantagepoint, Costpoint, GovWin IQ, PM Compass, Maconomy, Replicon and Talent Management.