Augusta Atlantic: Wikipedia services for businesses and public figures

04 April 2024 5 min. read
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In a world in which information and its influence have become immeasurable, presence on platforms like Wikipedia has gained unprecedented importance. Many service providers offer Wikipedia services to businesses and public figures.

Yet in the world of Wikipedia, quality and authenticity often leave much to be desired, accompanied by dubious pricing schemes and questionable promises. This has led to numerous reputation crises in the past – articles were deleted, so-called socket puppets were banned, and some articles have since been marked with paid-editing disclaimers.

When working with Wikipedia experts, it is key to find a consultant or service provider that is credible and trustworthy, a party that truly understand the comprehensive operational principles of Wikipedia.

Augusta Atlantic: Wikipedia services for businesses and public figures

Among the leading providers in the marketplace is Augusta Atlantic, a company that is fully dedicated to high-quality, policy-compliant Wikipedia consulting and editorial services.

Established in 2017 as a Wikipedia agency, Augusta Atlantic has carved out a niche in providing unparalleled Wikipedia services to a global clientele. The firm, originally established as ‘Weltraumagentur’, has since become one of the largest collectives of Wikipedia writers and consultants in the German-speaking area.

Transitioning its base from Munich to Augsburg in Bavaria in 2018, Augusta Atlantic has stood as a beacon of expertise and success in the Wikipedia consultancy domain. With a track record of advising over 500 clients and executing upwards of 1,000 projects across the globe since its inception, the firm has firmly established itself as a leader in leveraging Wikipedia for international audiences.

The firm is also one of the few non-American or non-British players to command a position at the forefront of the landscape.

So what are the unique selling points of working with Augusta Atlantic?

Real Wikipedia writers

Augusta Atlantic emphasizes in both their advertisements and their videos that Wikipedia is a craft for them. A close look at the firm’s staff supports its claims.

Content writers at Augusta Atlantic must meet high standards and undergo a rigorous selection process before they can join the team. Articles that they have composed demonstrate exceptional quality and provide a comprehensive overview of their depicted topics. Augusta Atlantic's writers are at least bilingual and speak English as well as their native German.

The firm’s business strategy is characterised by having permanently employed writers who must abide by a strict code of conduct. This code of conduct prohibits employees from making direct edits to Wikipedia, highlighting a commitment to authenticity and transparency in the dissemination of information.

A unique process that works

Second advantage: every client must undergo a free Notability Check at Augusta Atlantic. Every single time. Only if this check is successfully completed, the company makes an offer. This approach ensures that the resources of the company are effectively utilized, and that the clients have the best possible chances at being included in Wikipedia.

Additionally, each client is assigned a project manager who guides them through the entire process step by step. This personal support not only allows for strong customer retention but also leads to significantly better results than those achievable by most other Wikipedia agencies.

Notably, Augusta Atlantic is capable of performing Notability Checks for each language version of Wikipedia. That is important because notability in one language version of Wikipedia does not immediately indicate notability in another.

A better market to start

Augusta Atlantic's German branch Weltraumagentur gained a significant advantage when it decided to focus on the German-speaking market, specifically on companies with annual revenues exceeding €100 million.

This strategic move enabled the firm to establish a profound consulting service, which is not always the case with providers oriented towards international clients. Adhering to these criteria opened the door to a significantly larger customer base. With this approach, the largest companies in Europe have become aware of the company’s services.

By offering services to companies that, by definition, already enjoy a certain level of market relevance and recognition, Augusta Atlantic was able to occupy a market niche that promised high demand for Wikipedia-related services. This effectively differentiated the company from international providers who might enter the market with broader, but less targeted, offerings.

The future of Wikipedia?

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence (AI), Wikipedia is increasingly gaining importance as a reliable source for the data alignment of these tools. AI systems require extensive and accurate data sets to be able to learn and improve.

Wikipedia, as one of the most comprehensive and frequently updated knowledge databases on the internet, provides solid foundations for training data sets in various fields. From fact-finding to understanding complex relationships, developers use the platform to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of AI applications.

It is therefore to be expected that Augusta Atlantic will benefit from AI development, unlike, for example, translation agencies or content agencies whose services will eventually be rendered obsolete by the emergence of artificial intelligence.