Kate Chapman joins First Actuarial investment wing

04 September 2023 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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UK advisory firm First Actuarial has appointed Kate Chapman as an investment consultant. She brings over two decades of knowhow from the actuarial and investment sector to the firm.

Head of Investment at First Actuarial, Andrew Overend, said, “The increased volume of work in Leeds makes Kate’s arrival particularly welcome. The whole team will benefit.” 

Based in the UK, First Actuarial’s investment team supplies clients with a range of services, aiming to help trustees ensure good returns on and meet liabilities in the short and long-term. These include ESG advisory, fiduciary manager selection, investment research advice, and strategy review, among other offerings.

Kate Chapman joins First Actuarial investment wing

The complex financial environment of the UK following the pandemic and Brexit has seen demand for investment consulting services spike. Amid this, Overend added that the investment team at First Actuarial “has easily doubled in size over the past five years,” and he expects that growth to continue.

As part of that, Chapman brings more than two decades of actuarial and investment experience to the firm. As an investment consultant, she will manage the workload of the investment team as client need continues to rise. She will also support recruitment and draw on her extensive experience to deliver training and oversee professional development. 

Prior to her arrival, Chapman enjoyed a lengthy stay with Aon. Starting as actuarial analyst, she moved across to investment consultancy, where she rose to the rank of senior product specialist.

Chapman remarked, “First Actuarial is a great place to work. There are plenty of opportunities here, with new clients coming on board all the time. It’s a warm, personable business where everyone focuses on keeping their clients happy. And they’re just as keen to keep their staff happy. I knew about First Actuarial’s reputation for work-life balance before I arrived, and it’s definitely true.” 

Founded in 2004, First Actuarial is a consulting firm which specialises in pension advisory services. The firm is headquartered in Leeds, but also has offices in Manchester, Peterborough, Tonbridge and Basingstoke. Its last financial year saw the firm enjoy revenues of more than £28 million – including over £1 million in new business.