The Brattle Group opens office in Sydney, 9th globally

11 April 2016 2 min. read
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International consulting firm The Brattle Group has opened an office in Sydney, its 9th globally, to provide regional clients with local operations and on the ground access to the firm’s expertise.

With around 300 staff The Brattle Group is one of the larger consulting firms of the globe. The consultancy provides advice and solutions to economic, regulatory, and financial questions for corporations, law firms, and governments around the world. The firm had eight offices, until recently, in North American and Europe.

To improve its strategic standing in the fast growing Asia-Pacific region, as well as provide a local base for face-to-face client engagements, The Brattle Group has expanded its wings into Australia. The new office, based in Sydney, will according to the firm provide The Brattle Group’s full range of services to regional clients. The hub will in addition provide its clients, and advisors, with efficient access to the firm’s global resources – including affiliations academic advisors in North America and Europe.

The new office will be led by firm veteran, and Principal, Toby Brown. He joined the consultancy in 2006 from Ofgem, the UK energy regulator, and relocated from Europe to the San Francisco office in 2009. Brown specialises in the regulation and economics of the gas and electricity sectors. Throughout his career he has consulted for pipelines, utilities, and regulators in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia, and he has particular expertise in incentive-based regulation in the energy sector. His project experience at Brattle includes analysing business risk in pipeline rate cases, assessing the economic impacts of alternative regulatory frameworks and competitive structures in the energy sector, and advising on regulatory best practices based experience in different jurisdictions worldwide. Brown also provides litigation support in a wide range of areas, including damages estimations, competition assessments, gas contract arbitrations, and utility and pipeline rate cases. 

“Twenty five years ago, as a young associate, I was fortunate to work on our first project in Australia,” says Alexis Maniatis, President of The Brattle Group. “Brattle has been active ever since on an increasing range of projects that draw on our expertise in economics, regulation, and finance. We are thrilled to bring a local presence to grow our work in litigation, energy markets, competition, and advice to companies and governments.”

The new hub marks Brattle’s 9th office globally. The consultancy is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and has further offices in Washington, DC, New York, Toronto, San Francisco, London, Madrid and Rome.