BeetleSat appoints H&Z Management Consulting as procurement lead

25 July 2023 2 min. read

Space group BeetleSat has selected H&Z Management Consulting as its lead consultant for procurement services.

Founded in 2009, BeetleSat (formerly NSLComm) is a provider of satellite communication technology and services. The company is currently building its network of around 260 satellites and is planning to commence service in 2027, when it sets out to become the world’s first global low earth orbit constellation delivering Ka-band connectivity to clients in the commercial and government sectors.

By offering low-latency, high-throughput (Ka-band) combined with cost-effective point-to-point secure communications, BeetleSat and its investors believe their satellite communication network will create a breakthrough in the sector, with its next generation offerings providing increased flexibility at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

In order to build its network and operations in space and on the ground on planet Earth, BeetleSat is teaming up with all kinds of partners and vendors. H&Z Management Consulting has been brought on board to help support “our complex procurementneeds,” said BeetleSat CEO, Patricio Northland.

Headquartered in Germany, H&Z Management Consulting is a leading pan-European consulting firm specialised in operations, supply chain, and procurement. Experts from the firm’s Procurement practice will be responsible for managing BeetleSat’s procurement function, which has kicked off with strategic work (defining the procurement strategy) and tender support (issuing requests for proposals to industry).

Next steps include sealing deals with suppliers, managing procurement spend and supplier relationships, and setting up the wider supplier network required to achieve BeetleSat’s scaling up objectives in the run up to full launch in 2027.

"We are delighted to support BeetleSat as its procurement consultancy in this exciting endeavour,” said Eduardo Bellido, a Senior Advisor at H&Z Management Consulting. “For the project, we’ve assembled a team with many years of experience in space, procurement and project management.”

Bellido added that the contract cements the firm’s presence as a leading procurement consultant to “mega constellations” in the space sector.

In November last year, H&Z Management Consulting was selected as the lead procurement consultant by Rivada Networks, another company that is building a network of low earth orbit satellites. Without giving away client names of other engagements, Bellido said the consultancy runs a number of similar projects for clients in the space sector.

Northland commented: “H&Z Management Consulting brings not only deep expertise in space tech procurement, but also a track record of helping partners create long-term value in dynamic markets like ours.”