Organisational structure not ready for newest technology

06 June 2012 1 min. read

Even though a large group of executives say digital trends like big data and social media have priority within the company, it is clear that barriers which slow down optimal implementation of technology still exist.  This is concluded in a research by strategy consulting office McKinsey & Company. The consultants state that the biggest obstacle is formed by organizational structures. According to 52% of the executives, these structures are not adapted in order to anticipate on advantages offered by digital solutions.

McKinsey - Newest Technology


A lack of technology-infrastructure and informatics-systems is listed second (51%). Other barriers are formed by a lack of high quality data (46%), a lack of internal leadership (46%) and difficulties in finding and attracting suitable talent (43%). “Regardless of this, executives seem to be optimistic about opportunities that could be created by the youngest digital trends,” McKinsey noticed. “Two in three executives expect these trends will have a positive impact on the operational results.”

Only 9% expects a negative impact on the operational results. From the McKinsey research it can be concluded that 44% of involved organizations meanwhile gained access to mobile internal applications. By estimate one in three says they use cloud computing. Striking is also that 46% of chief executives believe they can get more advantages out of big data than its rivals. This even though only 30% of their chief information officers share this belief.