Capgemini launches AutomotiveConnect suppliers service line

04 March 2016 3 min. read
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The automotive industry is going through a period of rapid change as demand shifts to Asia and new technologies drive challenge the market. In a bid to provide automotive suppliers with a range of tools and expertise to meet changing market conditions, Capgemini, has launched a dedicated AutomotiveConnect service line for suppliers.

The auto industry is undergoing a number of changes, from the transfer of demand – as well as manufacturing and innovation – to Asia, to semi-automation and a range of connectivity propositions for consumers, as well as more disruptive market changes resulting from digital and new business models emerging in the industry. Automotive industry manufacturers and suppliers are keen to be at the forefront of changes to meet and exceed customer expectations as global competition heats up, while the consulting industry is keen to support manufacturers and suppliers in the adoption of new best practices, technology transformations and market expansions.

Capgemini Automotive Connect for Suppliers

Capgemini, in a bid to provide support for automotive manufacturers, recently announced the launch of its AutomotiveConnect service line for suppliers. The practice builds on Capgemini’s wider AutomotiveConnect proposition, established back in 2015, which provides an integrated offering to all stakeholders within the automotive ecosystem. The new practice aims to provide “holistic” services for Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive manufacturing industry, that improve the adoption of global processes for industrialisation, drives better data engagement to up profitability and encourage innovation.

The new services will according to the firm provide three distinct capabilities, aimed at supporting agility, innovation and implementation: 

Industrialisation & Agility – supports suppliers in the standardisation and implementation of global processes at manufacturing plants, engineering centres, and sales offices.

Insights & Action –  supports the leveraging large data pools is one area of significant change with the automotive industry, as a range of sensors provide internal manufacturing data in the industry 4.0 process, as well as customer and vehicle derived information providing a means of creating new business and operating models.  

Innovation & Change – aims to help suppliers develop of new, feature-rich products brought to market at speed and cost-efficiently. The creation of more and more digitally connected products allows suppliers to sell additional services and transact directly with consumers. The consultancy firm provides a facility where suppliers can innovate new products and services in a way that brings them quickly to market.

According to Kai Grambow, Global Head of Automotive at Capgemini, the new service line is a response to the “fundamental remodelling” the automotive industry is going through, driven by “exciting but also highly volatile change”. The new service line will, he adds, meet Tier 1s who find themselves at a crossroads and are looking to step up as true partners with car manufacturers in shaping the future of the car and automotive services. He concludes: “To be in a position to establish market leadership, Tier 1 suppliers must prepare for a challenging balancing act between the opposing demands of cost efficiency and innovation experimentation that involves iterative development and rapid deployment.”