fifty-five refreshes branding amid record growth

20 February 2023 3 min. read
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As MarTech consultancy fifty-five celebrates over 30% revenue growth for its last year, it has rolled out a series of new offerings, including marketing strategy and media consulting services. To reflect its developing profile, it has also unveiled a branding overhaul of its own. 

Rapid shifts in technology have dramatically changed the way people interact and engage with brands. Looking ahead in 2023, marketers continue to face major challenges, with a focus on consumer privacy, changing consumer spending behaviours, and budget cuts all looming.

As marketing departments look set to have to do more with less, marketing effectiveness is more important than ever. This is seeing managers increasingly turn to BrandTech – a set of software solutions used by brand managers, PR agents, online reputation experts, marketers and business owners leverage to plan, execute, and measure their work on digital brand management. But as with any technological transformation, successful deployment often hinges on external expertise – and demand for consultants in the sector is booming as a result.

Founded in 2010, fifty-five is a data analysis advisory enabling firms to leverage technology in the marketing space. While it has offices in the US, France, Switzerland, China and Singapore, the firm has already enjoyed rapid growth in the UK, as clients invest in data and technology solutions to enable them to improve marketing, advertising and customer experience.

Amid the shifting market, fifty-five is enjoying heightened demand. Its US arm increased revenue by 400% over the last two years, while the company reported global revenue growth of more than 30% in 2022. This is driving a recruitment drive to build capacity, with 50 new hires globally since the beginning of 2023 working to help meet aggressive growth targets for the year.

fifty-five now operates in New York, Paris, London, Geneva, Milan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Taipei and Singapore, advising more than 400 active clients. It has also expanded its offerings to include strategy consulting, cloud services, media consulting, and customer experience. As it looks to reflect its changing stature, and increasingly global offering, fifty-five has chosen to refresh its own corporate branding.

Hugo Loriot, Partner at fifty-five US, commented, “fifty-five has been a pioneer in the use of data from the get-go, and we continue to view data holistically and anticipate trends that are shaping the digital ecosystem of tomorrow. It is this ability to innovate that sets us apart and allows our clients to excel in today's multi-channel and connected world. We are extremely proud of the progress we have made over the last 13 years, and our brand refresh reflects our modernised image, fit for our next era.”

Looking ahead, fifty-five is also continuing to produce new quantifiable data on the green-impact of marketing campaigns to drive change within the industry. According to estimates from an open source study published by fifty-five in 2022, a single digital campaign can generate more than 70 tons of CO2eq, the equivalent of the carbon footprint of about seven people for a year. As part of its CO2 reduction commitment, fifty-five has pledged to raise awareness and train all of its employees on understanding energy and climate constraints and solutions in terms of digital sobriety, eco-design and digital accessibility.