Accenture has best mobile application of advisory market

31 August 2012 1 min. read

Of all consulting firms, Accenture globally has the best mobile app. This according to the Web Marketing Association, an organization that guards the standard of excellence on internet and mobile devices. The consulting firm’s app has been live since March 2011.

The Web Marketing Association (WMA) is a non-profit organization aimed at all aspects of the World Wide Web, including website development and Internet marketing. For the past 15 years, WMA has organized the annual WebAward Competition, a competition that names the best global websites in

96 industries. Due to the rise of the mobile web, WMA has this year for the first time organized the MobileWebAward.

Accenture's app delivers the most recent news, information and thought leadership from the firm. The mobile app naturally does not duplicate all the content of the corporate website but presents a selection of the most-valuable information available. The app is built for both C-level clients, Accenture employees and potential recruitment candidates.

Accenture iPhone App

Twynstra Gudde app

Last week, the Dutch advisory firm Twynstra Gudde also launched an application. This app –named ‘Managementwijzer’ offers practical information in the field of program management, strategic surrounding management and change management.