UMS Group partner of Infrastructure Asset Management event

02 February 2016 2 min. read
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From 8 – 10 March 2016 the 2016 edition of the Infrastructure Asset Management Exchange takes place, with more than 100 business leaders and advisors from the asset management industry to find their way to London to attend the event. UMS Group, a consulting firm with a focus on the industry, serves as one of the key partners of the event.

The annual Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM) Exchange is one of the largest premier conferences for executives active in the field of asset management, operating across sectors such as utilities (water, gas, electricity), transport (road and rail), oil & gas and energy. The invitation-only event provides the roughly 100+ participants with an overview of the latest trends and developments in asset management topics, spanning among others asset strategy & engineering, maintenance, operations, infrastructure management, risk management, sustainability, asset integrity and lifecycle management. The IAM Exchange, which is supported by the Institute of Asset Management, in addition provides attendees the opportunity to bounce ideas and approaches, learn from best practices, network and engage with providers in the market.

Key themes on the agenda of the 3-day event are Lifecycle Modelling & Costing and Asset Investment Planning, two topics that according to a survey conducted by the organisers (IQPC) in the run-up to the event represent the top two investment priorities of asset management executives. Other topics that currently dominate boardrooms are Condition Monitoring/Assessment, Asset Integrity and Data Quality.

The conference boasts an impressive line-up of executives with asset management responsibilities, including Basil Scarsella (CEO of UK Power Networks), Richard Moore (Head of Asset Management Development at Transport for London), João Torres (CEO of EDP Distribution), Davin Crowley Sweet (Professional Head of Asset Data & Information at Network Rail) and Carlos Esquiroz (Engineering and Maintenance Director at Metro de Madrid).

Jan Schipper, Managing Director of UMS Group’s European operations and former Director Asset Management of Dutch energy firm Nuon, will also take the stage, sharing in a think tank session the results of a peer group study UMS performed on the topic of Reinvestment Strategy for large Asset Populations. Schipper has published an E-Book regarding this topic which can be downloaded from the website of UMS Group.

Commenting on the upcoming event, Schipper says: “Each year the Asset management Exchange is a journey of discovery around the latest developments in Asset Management.”