Capita achieves Investors in Young People accreditation

29 January 2016 3 min. read
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Capita is the first national firm in England to be recognised with the Investors in Young People accreditation. The recognition comes for its work with young people in its 2012 Capita infrastructure and property partnership contract with the North Tyneside Council. As part of the project, the firm hired a range of local graduates and apprentices, and engaged local NEETs – in a region notorious for high unemployment and low economic growth.

North Tyneside is situated in the North East England. The region is administered by the North Tyneside Council. The borough is home to approximately 203,000 – as of 2014. Following the departure of much of the region’s heavy industry over the past decade, the region has fallen on relatively hard economic times of late, recently ranking at the bottom end of an analysis regarding the long term growth prospects, for employment as well as GVA, of regions in the UK.

Capita-North Tyneside alliance obtains IIYP accreditation

Investors in Young People (IIYP) is a programme developed in Scotland, aimed at realising the potential of young people and helping them achieve that potential. From the business side, the development of young people provides a pool of potential, and the programme is designed to help employers meet their business goals by harnessing the creativity and skills of young people. IIYP has developed a framework that supports organisations that provide a supportive trajectory for young people – with successful organisations gaining 'Investors in Young People’ accreditation in recognition for their work. The accreditation has since recently been available to organisations in England following the expansion of the programme on its success in Scotland.

In 2012 Capita won an infrastructure and property partnership contract with the North Tyneside Council, in which it would deliver a range of technical services including: engineering; property; planning; building control and public protection. The deal saw around 460 of Capita’s 4,200 property and infrastructure business workers be developed or move to North Tyneside. Part of the regional staff consisted of young people hired from the local area. Following interviews with 35 local employees, including graduates, apprentices and managers as well as NEETs (not in education, employment, or training) staff, the professionals services firm gained the Investors in Young People accreditation in England.

The firm was particularly lauded for its establishment of apprentice and graduate forums; the development opportunities as well as provision of support through trained buddies and mentors; and its involvement with local schools, colleges and universities.

Young people at work

“This is a fantastic achievement for Capita, and I and the whole IIYP team would like to wholeheartedly congratulate them,” comments Peter Russian, CEO of Investors in People. “The Investors in Young People framework not only recognises and supports organisations in the employment of young people, but marks them out as an employer of choice. I envisage that many more organisations will wish to follow in the footsteps of Capita and demonstrate their commitment to young people by working with the Investors in Young People framework.”