OC&C Strategy Consultants integrates Australian firm into its network

24 March 2022 Consultancy.uk 3 min. read

One year after entering an exclusive collaboration agreement with Australian Strategy Partners, OC&C Strategy Consultants has inducted the firm into its fully integrated network. OC&C is now active in 13 different countries.

With more than 30 years of experience supporting clients meeting the most complex business challenges, OC&C Strategy Consultants is a global strategy boutique. The firm has offices in China, India, Brazil, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Turkey, France, Italy, Poland and the US.

In May 2021, OC&C announced that it has exclusive collaboration agreement with Australian Strategy Partners (ASP). According to OC&C’s Global Managing Partner, Will Hayllar, the two firms had already collaborated on close to a dozen engagements, working “on different topic areas,” to the extent that "we really have felt like we met kindred spirits.”

OC&C Strategy Consultants integrates Australian firm into its network

In this deal, OC&C and ASP since worked exclusively with each other across their respective markets, serving clients based on a strong alignment of expertise, spanning consumer goods, retail, leisure and hospitality, media, technology, industrial products and services, and private equity.

Less than one year later, the success of this collaboration means OC&C has decided the time is right to formally admit the boutique to its network. The integration comes as OC&C looks to deepen the multinational expertise of its global firm, and it will now be able to provide bespoke strategic support and deep global expertise to clients based in Australia as well as global businesses intending to strengthen their positions in Australasia.

Jeremy Barker, Managing Partner and Founder at ASP, commented, “We are delighted to be formally integrating with OC&C Strategy Consultants and becoming full partners in the global firm. For our clients it means a genuine choice for independent strategic advice, unencumbered by a requirement to on sell a plethora of adjacent services.”

“For our staff it means access to global opportunities for learning and development, projects and transfers. And for potential recruits, it means an opportunity to work for a strategy firm that actually focuses on strategy.”

The integration will see OC&C operate out of ASP’s practices in Sydney and Melbourne, while ASP’s founding partners, Jeremy Barker, Maurice Violani and Mark Blackwell will continue to head the operation, leveraging being part of a global strategy network to attract high calibre talent to Australia. At the same time, OC&C’s global clients will continue to see the benefits of a strong on the ground capability in Australia.

Hallyar meanwhile added, “With the proven alignment of ethos, values and a shared focus on delivery of the best bespoke strategy work for our clients, we are delighted to fully integrate ASP into OC&C after a hugely successful partnership to date. By renewing and deepening our collaboration as one global firm, we are better placed to serve our clients around the world, unlock attractive opportunities for our people and reinforce our vision to be the best home for the best strategy talent.”  

This integration comes months after OC&C resumed operations in Benelux. The news came with the firm managing to poach back the majority of its former Benelux team from EY-Parthenon – having seen many of them the Big Four firm in 2016 – to re-launch with a team of 5 partners and over 40 consultants in Rotterdam.