EyeEm and BCG partnership clicks on quality photos

11 December 2015 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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EyeEm and BCG’s partnership has been highly successful for both the EyeEm photography community and meeting the sought after quality at scale required for BCG.com’s visual branding. In a recent ‘BCG Partner Series’ video blog, Florian Meissner, Co-Founder & CEO of EyeEm, reflects on the relationship so far.

EyeEm is a community and marketplace for photography. The platform provides talented photographers the possibility of having their photos discovered, and offers a convenient way to sell their photographs. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is one of the globe’s largest management consulting firms, renowned for its cutting-edge strategy and business advisory services. In a search to add some novel flair to its image library, the firm set out on a search for talented photographers whose work captures the authentic moments and relationships that make business personal and life-changing.


To facilitate this search, BCG has struck a deal with EyeEm earlier this year to create images that “convey the modern and unconventional way that BCG challenges established thinking and provide a unique point of view together.” Winners from the first winning photo ‘mission’ were announced around halfway through the year.

The partnership creates a space for users to be discovered, while at the same time allowing their creativity to generate images that are both unique and authentic – providing BCG with images of quality at scale for their branding needs. “What we bring to the table at EyeEm is a global community of photographers,” explains Florian Meissner, Co-Founder & CEO of EyeEm. “That can help you really define your visual language in a new way.”

The two partners recently released a video discussing the mutual benefit of the partnership, which Meissner describes as an “incredible journey where BCG has partnered with us on so many levels it is a total new way for BCG to look at content creation and it is really exciting to think where this could actually go next.”

The process
“The whole process has been amazing to see, it started with the creation of mission where BCG worked with our team to translate the business themes that they had into visual themes for our photographers,” explains Meissner. “What struck me was how BCG was willing to abandon the conventional ways to source photography, by empowering the EyeEm community and trusting us to come up with the right imagery. This partnership presented a huge opportunity to give our users a global stage to showcase their work.”

According to the partners, the strength of the partnership comes from a “united goal to create a unique visual style to reflect the BCG brand. We're proud to partner with EyeEm to define our visual language in a new way.”