BearingPoint develops handbook for cloud computing

21 January 2013 2 min. read
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Cloud technology has been viewed as a megatrend in the IT sector for many years. Because of the many advantages of the new technology such as scalability, flexibility and cost savings, the market share of cloud computing has grown significantly in recent years. However, there are still some doubts about cloud regarding the security of information, reliability, and compliance. In many cases these doubts lead to a stalemate, as companies still do not know for sure whether they should engage with service models based on the cloud. According to BearingPoint the key to successful implementation of the cloud is 'confidence'. The consulting firm has developed a practical guide that allows companies and suppliers to measure the degree of confidence in cloud solutions.

Cloud Trust Pyramid

The 'Cloud Trust Pyramid' developed by BearingPoint provides insight into the different relationships between organizations and their cloud providers.

Confidence has a central place in their framework: confidence is seen as a prerequisite for transferring services to the cloud. The 'Cloud Trust Pyramid' consists of four levels: Trust Foundation & Co-operation, Compliance and Privacy, Security & Accessibility en Business Model & Governance. Each layer captures hard aspects such as regulation and standards, as well as soft factors like attitudes to trust and cultural differences.

BearingPoint - Cloud Trust Pyramid

The model helps companies transition to cloud and gives advice on possible organizational principles. Per layer, the consulting firm provides a checklist of the most important elements that should be considered. In addition, every layer contains 5-6 tips based on best practices gathered across projects by the consulting firm.

Stefan Pechardscheck, Partner at the German practice of BearingPoint: "In the massive binary world of cloud computing, trust is a fragile and inaccurate variable, but one of overwhelming importance. When processes are transferred to the cloud trust is the key point. Because we looked at business models, security, accessibility, compliance and data privacy over the world, we have developed a definitive practical guide for companies who want to assess how cloud computing could work for them".