Deloitte restricts the number of online Facebook pages

30 January 2013 1 min. read
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Despite the numerous benefits of social media, the simultaneous use of online community channels provides companies with challenges and even headaches. One of the largest challenges is maintaining the authenticity of channels and restricting the uncontrolled growth of unofficial accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Over the past months, Deloitte has rolled out a new global guideline that motivates its country organisations to restrict the number of social media channels.

Social Media

At Deloitte, social media channels are widely used for marketing, recruitment and internal communication. The consulting firm uses Facebook for employer branding and for contact with their own staff as wells as the outside world. Jurgen Moenaert, recruiting & mobility Director at the Belgium division of Deloitte explains: “Deloitte ‘ambassadors’ post quizzes, news, and stories about working at Deloitte on our company page”. The Deloitte company page contains messages in all areas of Deloitte's services, including audit, tax, financial advisory and consulting.

Deloitte Nederland Facebook

There is only one Deloitte Belgium-page on Facebook. This is a deliberate choice. "There used to be several different groups within Deloitte ranging from regional departments to alumni of a particular graduation year and university, who all started their own page. We had to limit that because proliferation does not work if you want a good level of interaction” Moenaert believes.

Deloitte UK Facebook

Deloitte’s other national organizations such as the British, German and Dutch organizations are also very active on Facebook. Last year, the Big4 firm was chosen as one of "the most social employers on Facebook". It scored high on 'activity' (number of posts), 'interactivity' (degree of reactions and debates) and 'popularity' (number of likes).