Capgemini signs RPA collaboration deal with UiPath

13 November 2015 3 min. read
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Capgemini and UiPath have signed a 3-year deal to bring together their robotic process automation offerings. Through the deal, Capgemini will leverage UiPath’s software to provide a full range of automation option to clients, while UiPath will gain access to an international client base.

UiPath is robotic process automation (RPA) software developer, founded in 2012 in Romania. The company develops software that is capable of replacing human operators at the presentation layer of application software – where humans beforehand would enter operations. UiPath produces software deployed across companies needing robot solutions in document management, call centres, application integration and business process outsourcing verticals, among others.

Capgemini signs RPA collaboration deal with UiPath

The move to replace a large number of manual and repetitive with a virtual workforce through RPA has the potential significantly reduce costs while freeing human talent for more creative functions. The technology also provides considerable scope for the improvement of accuracy of manually repetitive tasks. According to analyst firm Gartner, as a result of the rapid development of automation technology, RPA will drive a 60% reduction in the cost of many IT services by 2017. Several companies have been launching service lines in anticipation for the demand, including advisory and consulting firms like Aecus and Alsbridge.

Capgemini has also invested in delivering RPA solutions to clients through its BPO Global Delivery Network. The firm has already been active with a number of multinational corporations to deliver solution within the automation of data entry, file and data manipulation, automated formatting, and multi-format message creation.

The collaboration with UiPath will allow Capgemini to further improve its BPO offerings to clients in areas such as manual and labour intensive activities in functions such as HR, Finance and Accounting and Supply Chain management. The agreement will see UiPath gain access to Capgemini’s international clients, where its software is to be leveraged. The collaboration further highlights Capgemini’s overall industrialisation strategy, which seeks to provide RPA across the full range of solutions managed services as international demand increases.


"The new wave of Robotic Process Automation offerings has significantly increased our ability to drive efficiency, with a heightened level of accuracy resulting in labour intensive back office functions being replaced by advanced technologies," explains Jon Bell, Senior Vice-President and Head of Capgemini’s BPO Global Delivery Network. “Our global delivery capability coupled with our new collaboration with UiPath will enable us to offer these services and enhanced outcomes to our clients worldwide.”

Daniel Dines, CEO of UiPath, adds: “We’re pleased to work with Capgemini in the burgeoning field of Robotic Process Automation. This relationship is based on a mutual understanding of the value each company brings to the table. Capgemini recognises our technology as being next generation – particularly our superior computer vision based automation of applications delivered via Citrix. For our part, UiPath is keenly aware of Capgemini’s deep knowledge of business processes, automation implementation and change management. I’m confident this collaboration will set new standards for growth and excellence in the RPA sector.”