Bain: Half population owns connected devices in 2015

04 January 2012 1 min. read
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In 2015 over 60% of households in developed countries will have devices that are connected to the Internet, such as tablets and smart TVs. China and India are still lagging behind, but are catching up. Almost 30% of the urban population in China and India will have "connected" devices according to a survey done by consulting firm Bain & Company. The survey was conducted in France, Britain, the United States, China and India.

Happy multigeneration family with electronic communication devices

Lots of potential for "connected" devices

One of the outcomes is that there is a lot of growth potential in the market for smart TVs. "Right now the number of people owning a smart television is still relatively limited, but a penetration of 45% could be reached in the west in three years already, says a consultant form Bain. It is expected that "connected" TVs in China and India are less likely to gain popularity that fast. Online tablets are used by approximately 25% of consumers in western countries at this time. In China it is a fraction less, whereas in India there only has been limited penetration. 

Not yet profitable

Despite the great interest of consumers for online devices, it seems difficult for companies to work out a profitable strategy for "connected" devices. First better and more innovative ways to provide new online content for the new technology are necessary. Consumers should also have the opportunity to find new content for their online equipment themselves.