12 years double digit growth for consultancy Investance

01 February 2013 Consultancy.uk 1 min. read
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Over the past years the global consulting market has, as a result of the financial crisis, been through a turbulent period. Several global consulting firms have not survived the crisis and the large majority of firms have faced significant drops in revenue and profits. This trend is also clearly visible in the UK; several renowned consulting firms have been faced with a significant drop in revenue. The large IT consulting companies such as Atos, Capgemini and Logica have been forced to cut expenses for the past several months.

Yet there are always exceptions to the rule. Mid last year Consultancy.uk highlighted the performance of Simon-Kucher & Partners. The specialist in the field of sales and marketing hasn't suffered from the financial crisis and has booked record turnovers for several years in a row. Today we highlight the performance of Investance, a consulting firm that has achieved an average yearly growth rate of 45% ever since it was founded in 2001.


Investance was founded in 2001 in Paris, France. Since its foundation it has grown exponentially. First within France and from 2005 onwards it pursued an international expansion strategy. Offices were opened in the large financial centers of London, New York, Hong Kong and Amsterdam. In the past 24 months Investance expanded further with the opening of new offices in Singapore and Mumbai. The consulting firm momentarily has over 300 consultants working in 7 different countries. 

Investance Uitbreiding


From the start Investance always focused purely on the financial services (FS) industry. While its services initially consisted of management consulting and IT consulting propositions, over the past years it has added business outsourcing to its portfolio. Investance serves all segments within the FS industry, including retail banking, investment banking, insurance and wealth management.

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