Campbell Tickell helps Together Alliance tackle youth homelessness

29 April 2021 2 min. read

Consulting firm Campbell Tickell has partnered with Together Alliance to help address youth homelessness in the UK. As part of this work, the firm has recommended the organisation of three projects to help tackle the problem.

An estimated 121,000 young people in the UK asked the council for help with homelessness in 2019-20, based on figures provided by local authorities and devolved administrations. However, the actual number of young homeless people in the UK is likely much higher, as not everyone reaches the council for help.

Looking to help address this mounting crisis, the Together Alliance was initiated by the Housing Association Youth Network and New Horizon Youth Centre in 2018 in response to the concerning rise of young people without a safe home. The partnership of housing associations and youth homelessness charities is committed to pooling resources and best practice to improve outcomes for under-25s.

Campbell Tickell helps Together Alliance tackle youth homelessness

In November last year, the Together Alliance released a report in collaboration with consultancy Campbell Tickell, detailing three keystone solutions for young people facing or at risk of homelessness, to be implemented by housing associations and charities nationwide within current and shared resources.

The study was based on research conducted by Campbell Tickell on behalf of the partnership, and informed by decades of sector experience.

1. Someone to talk to

First and foremost, the paper found that providing support networks to young people was crucial to fighting homelessness. The researchers suggested young people who are housing association tenants were less likely to become homeless if they had processes and people within housing associations that can support young people’s tenancy sustainment. This project will be led by the housing association members of the Alliance.

2. Some support to pay

With the increasing economic pressures UK residents are facing, making ends meet is becoming more difficult for young people, and is leading to some becoming homeless. A flexible funding pot of money that can be distributed directly and swiftly by charities to assist with immediate needs and unexpected costs of young people experiencing homelessness. This project will be led by the youth homelessness charity members of the Alliance.

3. Somewhere to stay

Finally, the report recommends a project to ensure young people are provided with a solid next step, once they leave emergency accommodation. This would see underused housing stock made available to them, and will be a joint project within the Alliance.

According to a release from Campbell Tickell coinciding with the report, “These tried and tested methods could massively transform the lives of young people with complex needs, giving them safe, appropriate housing options during vulnerable periods of their lives. The report details examples of how these suggestions have been successfully implemented in the past and the Together Alliance is delighted to welcome new partners who could test the learnings in their context.”