Comatch integrates 'soft skills' into its consultants matching

31 March 2021 3 min. read
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Expert economy company Comatch has announced the integration of a new algorithm for soft skills into its innovative matchmaking platform. As well as the traditional method of matching an independent consultant’s CV to a job, the new StyleMatch feature assesses the working style of a consultant, in order to help clients get the best fit for their organisation’s internal culture.

Historically, companies which work to match independent consultants with clients have used automation to match a professional’s experience with suitable work, before seeing an expert manually assess their suitability for the role. Comatch has built a reputation for industry disruption since its explosive emergence onto the matchmaking scene however, and its latest upgrade sees it add the appreciation of so-called ‘soft skills’ into its platform.

Usually when matching independent consultants with clients, algorithms are trusted only with matching ‘hard skills’ including industry expertise with a job posting. However, so much of a project’s success depends upon the ‘personal touch’ that matchmakers tend to bridge the gap with manual matching. Comatch, however, is looking to automate this part of the process with its new StyleMatch feature.

Comatch integrates 'soft skills' into its consultants matching

Once the feature captures the individual working style and preferred ways of working of the consultants, it enters the data into its network in a scientifically sound and automated way. Clients can thus identify exactly those individual strengths they need for their project.

Commenting on the development, Christoph Hardt, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Comatch, said, "We are giving clients more control over the success of their project with StyleMatch. They decide: ‘do we need a particularly assertive or rather a diplomatic communicator, someone with strong analytical skills or a pragmatic doer?’”

In order to determine the soft-side of consultants’ tool-kits, professionals in Comatch’s network – spanning more than 12,500 consultants from over 100 countries – have filled a short questionnaire to determine their personal working style with regard to four relevant dimensions: communication and leadership, collaboration, working methods and approach, and preferred project framework. This will increase their chances of working in a project environment in which they can optimally contribute all their strengths. Each working style is considered as equally important, because different projects require different qualities.

Injecting psychology into matching

StyleMatch is based on the Team Management Profile (TMP), a globally recognised psychological model that maps a person's personal work preferences. The function was developed in close cooperation with Catch Talents, a Cologne-based company specialised in personality analysis for staffing and recruiting, and consultants from the Comatch network.

Marco Verhoeven, Founder and CEO of Catch Talents, commented, “At StyleMatch we have adapted this model for work and behaviour patterns in consulting projects. StyleMatch does not make any statements about people's overall personality. However, it can very reliably make a person's typical behaviour visible in the work context of a consulting project, as extensive tests have clearly shown.”