RS Components achieves positive ROI with personalisation

25 March 2021 3 min. read

Today’s digital-first world has erased the distinctions between B2B and B2C when it comes to online journeys. Customers now demand quick, easy and personalised paths to purchase – and they’re much more cognisant of the information they share with their favourite brands.

For RS Components, a global omni-channel solutions partner for businesses that design, build or maintain industrial equipment and facilities, this meant its digital customer experience needed to undergo a transformation. RS Components wanted to ensure any and all data it collected was being leveraged to the ultimate benefit of the customer – placing them at the start and end of its online strategy. 

Enter DMPG, the digital experience enablement partner which RS Components engaged to boost its analytical, testing and personalisation capabilities. With an end-to-end mindset, DMPG in 2020 delivered new solutions that enhanced the outcomes of RS Components’ online customer experience. 

RS Components achieves positive ROI with personalisation


In reinventing its online journey, RS Components set out to reach its customers on any channel and device, scale its digital experience in all markets, and reduce business dependence on cookies. The growing diversification of how, when and where customers interact with the digital landscape – alongside their heightened conscientiousness toward data privacy – is changing how businesses implement informed online engagement initiatives.

With a focus on its website and developing customised experiences, RS Components tasked DMPG to create fast, lean and immediately scalable initiatives that improved the business’s connections with its customers. 

Strategy and key tactics

As time and energy are now customers’ most valuable commodities, DMPG created effective personalisation activities that enabled RS Components to place the right product in front of the right customer at the right time. DMPG’s ability to transform ambiguous data points into actionable insights allowed RS Components to boost the speed, relevance and appeal of its online journeys. 

Critical to this strategy was DMPG’s deep knowledge of Adobe, which is central to RS Components’ marketing analytics, as well as its highly collaborative approach. DMPG worked seamlessly with RS Components’ Product, Engineering, UX and Data teams to generate desired customer outcomes. 

With business needs constantly changing, DMPG offered an adaptable strategy that met the objectives of internal stakeholders from multiple functions of the business. As a result, DMPG delivered a dynamic end-customer experience that was tailored to user behaviours and generated tangible results. 

In 2020, RS Components achieved a 51x ROI, calculated from the incremental revenue delivered through all of DMPG’s personalisation activities.

RS Components is continuing to collaborate with DMPG due to its exceptional levels of service, its innovative methods to problem-solving, and the results it delivers with its personalisation initiatives. 

Annie Tippell, Senior Product Owner, Personalisation at RS Components said: “DMPG are integral to our mission of putting the right product in front of the right customer at the right time. Journeys become faster, more relevant and more appealing because of DMPG’s involvement. As partners, I truly believe there is nothing that we can’t achieve.”