McKinsey opens office in Vancouver, 107th worldwide

24 September 2015 3 min. read
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McKinsey & Company continues to expand globally, the consultancy opening its 107th office in Vancouver, with other recent office openings in Almaty and Denver. The new Vancouver office will be structured as a talent hub, attracting a diverse background to reportedly the most liveable city in North America. 

McKinsey and Company’s Vancouver office is the fourth founded for the firm in Canada: its Toronto office opened in 1968, Montreal in 1991 and Calgary in 2006. The new office is situated in Vancouver to provide British Columbian companies with consulting services, as, according to the firm, the region is expected to have various industries grow in the coming period – particularly natural resources. The firm’s double digit growth result too spurring further expansion, with McKinsey aiming to take advantage of its growth in western Canada’s vitality.

McKinsey opens office in Vancouver

“The opportunities for our clients out west have been substantial, because that’s where Canada’s economic and population growth has been,” says Eric Lamarre, managing partner for Canada.

The primary aim of the expansion is however – according to Lamarre – to create a new talent hub in the region. The city in his view welcomes talent with diverse backgrounds. “Vancouver is the city where a great many Canadians and non-Canadians want to live,” says Lamarre. “As for the city itself, Vancouver is regarded as one the most liveable cities in North America and third in the world, providing excellent education across all levels, high levels of local English use, as well as world class natural beauty and environmental policy.” Reflecting on the office itself, Lamarre pinpoints its “phenomenal view over English Bay.”

Old and new faces
While the office attracts new and international talent, Associate principal Benjamin Goodier is looking forward to moving back to his hometown. "As someone from Vancouver, and for all the Vancouver folks in the firm, it's incredibly exciting to see McKinsey making this commitment to our community, because in the end, we believe it will benefit because of it."

According to firm, the new team has a diverse, background. The managing partner at the new office, Miklos Dietz, has made the move from Budapest with his family to the new offices. “Canada is one of the most inspiring countries in the world,” remarks Dietz. “To me, it’s a great mix of what is good about North America – freedom, innovation, willingness to dream and challenge common wisdom – and a caring society like those found in Northern Europe. If you’re a European and think about moving, it's likely that you want to come to Canada. Vancouver stands out even in Canada with its diversity, cosmopolitan culture and breathtaking beauty” he reflects.

For Dominic Barton, global managing director of McKinsey, Vancouver’s opening holds a special meaning. “I grew up in British Columbia and spent the first decade of my McKinsey career in our Canadian offices and I am proud to see our firm have a presence in this important and dynamic region.”

The new office is expected to build a staff of around 20 by December. According to Principal Matías Marcote, who is moving with his family from Mexico city, “[at] this office [we] can really build a community, both with local Vancouver businesses, and amongst the consultants who will join the office.”

Last year McKinsey opened an office in Nairobi, Kenya, its 7th in Africa.