Oliver Wyman to recruit refugees arriving in Europe

18 September 2015 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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Oliver Wyman has announced plans to design a recruitment process that allows it to identify and recruit qualified refugees arriving in Europe. With the wish to “do its part”, the consulting firm will also work with its non-profit partners and other organisations to enhance the skills-set of the refugees and bring them together with companies willing to hire them.

More and more refugees are arriving in Europe, many of whom are fleeing violent conflict and danger in their home country. While trying to find a safe place for the future of their families, they leave their homes and jobs behind, making them homeless and unable to provide for the basic needs of their loved ones.

In an attempt to support the incoming refugees secure a better future, management consulting firm Oliver Wyman decided to have its Europe-wide Human Capital function to design a recruitment process with which it can identify and recruit qualified refugees arriving in Europe. “We are watching thousands flee violent conflict and danger in search of a future for their families. While we understand the situation and solutions are complex, we want to do our part and plan, where we can, to recruit qualified candidates from the refugee populations in Europe into Oliver Wyman,” explains Scott McDonald, President and CEO of Oliver Wyman Group.

Oliver Wyman - Refugeecamp

As part of its refugee strategy, the consultancy will also work closely with its non-profit partners in the education, micro-finance, youth- and adult-literacy, and job-readiness spheres to explore solutions that enhance and inspire entrepreneurial and job-related skills in the refugee populations. In addition, the firm has identified some organisations that can assist employers that are interested in employing refugees or providing jobs skills to them, and refugees with boosting their skills through training, coaching, and other employment-related services.

“We are only at the early stages of what will require long-term solutions and interventions to address the core issues, but as we wait for these solutions, we and our colleagues around the world want to act now,” McDonald adds. “We have offices in many of the European countries most affected by the arrivals of refugees. We also plan to raise the issue of providing employment with our clients in Europe as well as those outside who have operations in Europe.”