Protiviti named the Best Global Business Consultant

23 September 2015 4 min. read
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Last week unveiled that Protiviti, an advisory firm with over 3,700 consultants in 70 offices across the globe, was named the Best Global Business Consultant for the second year in a row. Protiviti in addition was recognised as the most innovative Data Security Company. In the article below, the global consultancy reflects on its successful scoop and the edge it offers to clients.

Protiviti is incredibly honoured to be named Best Global Business Consultants 2015 for two years running and most innovative Data Security Company in 2015. Our primary focus is helping global clients manage their business risks more effectively. Since Cyber / Data Security is one of those key business risks that has moved up the agenda to the board level, we are glad to be recognised as innovators in this important space. Data Security is after all a business problem and not a technical one and affects our clients and society as a whole as we become more dependent on technology and embed it into everyday life. Our business still grows very much through referrals from existing clients. We believe that part of this achievement arises from the feedback on our work within the marketplace.

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We are a premier global internal audit and business risk consulting firm helping clients solve complex business problems and managing their critical risks. At its core, Protiviti is a client-centric, relationship-based organisation. This approach has helped us to achieve success with a variety of clients across a broad range of industries.

Protiviti has served more than 60% of Fortune 1000 and 35% of Fortune Global 500 companies across FSI, Energy, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecoms, Media and other industry sectors. We thrive on partnering with clients who have global problems to solve and who are exposed to risks spanning multiple countries, cultures and organisational challenges.

We serve as trusted advisors to our clients, helping them manage their critical risks through a combination of people, process and technology transformation. We travel with our clients along their journey towards better control that enable them to be more effective and efficient by navigating through risks and taking advantage of opportunities to do better. We do this by helping our clients prioritise their activities where it matters the most - focusing on critical areas within their business first.

Protiviti’s business focused Cyber Security services covers a broad spectrum of security risk management domains

Our business focused Cyber Security services cover a broad spectrum of security risk management domains including: Strategy, Programme Management, Data and Privacy Compliance, Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing and Identity and Access Management, Security Intelligence and Operations, Incident Response and Forensics, Third Party Risk Management.

We help our clients through the planning, design, implementation, operation, governance, assurance and response cycles. These cycles are critical to becoming a more resilient organisation that can demonstrate compliance to regulatory requirements and industry standards and pro-actively manage their cyber risks, despite being in a rapidly changing and complex environment, facing increasing emerging and sophisticated threats.

Our teams are very active in the industry servicing our clients - listening to their needs and responding accordingly. We keep up to date through a combination of the following:  formal and informal training (including the Protiviti University); making use of a dedicated research centre; encouraging staff to write articles and blogs; non-exclusive teaming arrangements with vendors; leading industry studies and surveys; partnering with academia on research projects and chairing peer to peer round tables.

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As part of our values, Protiviti has committed to maintain several high value promises to our clients. We promise every client that we will listen, provide the right talent, collaborate and build relationships, deliver value with excellence and openly share leading practices

We regularly receive feedback from our clients which enables us to continue delivering exceptional value to our clients. Protiviti is consistently told by our clients that the way in which we interact with them is unique among our competitors. We partner closely with our clients and provide the continued attention of our most senior resources as we work together to achieve our client’s objectives.