'UK businesses can’t afford to forget about strategic change'

03 November 2020 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read

According to experts at Birmingham-based change consultancy, Entec Si, putting strategic change projects on the back burner and focusing purely on reactive initiatives could cause delays in business recovery.

The entire UK business landscape has felt the disruption of Covid-19, forcing leaders to introduce short-term improvements quickly in order to maintain continuity and build business resilience. Adapting processes to facilitate flexible working has been the main challenge, but employers have also had to manage the impact of transformation on their employees by refocusing on workforce wellbeing. 

However, although necessary in the short-term, this reactive approach to decision-making could stop much-needed tactical change from being delivered. For example, this could prevent the improvement of staff productivity and cost base through the introduction of more efficient and up-to-date working practices. Without this, their recovery and long-term resilience could be threatened.

Peter Marsden and Eman Al-Hillawi

Covid-19 appears to be here to stay for now, with the UK entering a second wave of the pandemic. As such, it is essential that organisations adapt to whatever the “new normal” may mean for their marketplace by making both strategic changes and tactical adjustments, boosting their competitive edge. 

Change has reached the top of every corporate to-do list over recent months, highlighting its potential benefits, including the improved flexibility offered by remote working. Now that employees have experienced this positive change, many have become less resistant to the concept of transformation, making now the perfect time to carefully review business models and plans. 

By assessing the processes that were successful during the pandemic, and identifying the problems that continue under the surface, organisations can take their first step on the path towards increased efficiency and long-term cost savings. 

Eman Al-Hillawi, director and co-founder of Entec Si, said: “Every business has been forced to react to the pandemic, with each having its own particular challenges to face. Short-term rapid transformation has had to happen on a national scale, and while much of it has been successful, it is important that organisations keep up the momentum.” 

“Building long-term resilience will involve addressing any pain points that will still exist once the pandemic comes to an end and reviewing operating models in line with the new business landscape,” she added. 

Fellow co-founder and director Peter Marsden commented: “Covid-19 has also shone a spotlight on employee wellbeing and the importance of putting people at the forefront of change projects. Ensuring people are considered at each stage of a transformation drive can help to make change a positive experience for everyone, allowing organisations to function better than ever before.”