10 business advisories winner of AI Finance 2015 Award

10 September 2015 Consultancy.uk 4 min. read

Ten business advisories have managed to scoop an AI Finance 2015 award. Winners include global consultancy Protiviti and six UK-based firms: Ash Business Consultants, Camden Associates, Champ Consultants, CloudOrigin, Waterman Group and WBD Accountants.

Since 2010, Acquisition International (AI), a UK-based publisher that focuses on the corporate finance, M&A and wider financial advisory landscape, organises an annual awards ceremony. Awards are handed out in more than ten different categories, ranging from tax to hedge funds, dispute resolution, legal, finance and offshore. Winners are based on an in-depth assessment process, which includes a voting round, in-house research and a final selection from an independent jury panel.

AI Finance Awards
One of the categories of the AI Awards is Finance, which recognises companies, advisors and organisations that have demonstrated excellence in the financial sphere. The competition spans the entire globe and encompasses companies both big and small, and is based on performance realised over the past 12 months. “These independent awards set the benchmark in the finance industry – any lucky award winner can rightfully boast to be the very best in their financial field,” states the jury of the awards.

Al Finance 2015 awards

Out of a shortlist of 100+ organisations, the jury has named twenty six firms a winner, including ten active in the consulting industry. An overview of the winners:

Best Independent Business Consultant – Ash Business Consultants
Chester based specialist in small business consultancy, accounts, payroll and business formation. 

Best Corporate Finance Adviser 2015 – Blacktrace
Corporate finance/M&A specialist, based in 's-Hertogenbosch – the Netherlands

Best Niche Corporate Finance House & Recognised Leader in Biotech – Camden Associates
London based healthcare and biotech services firm.

Best for Tax Planning – Champ Consultants
Accountancy and tax advisory firm, based in Caterham – Surrey.

Best IT Strategy & Advisory Firm 2015 & Award for Innovation in SAAS – CloudOrigin
London based provider of strategy, advisory and implementation services.

Ash Business Consultants | Blacktrace | Camden Associates | Champ Consultants| CloudOrigin

Best for Business & Securities Valuation & Award for Innovation in Financial Litigation – Dartmouth Partners
Canadian specialist in business valuation, litigation support, transaction advisory and corporate finance. 

Best Global Business Risk Consultants 2015 – Protiviti
Global consulting firm that advises on finance, technology, operations, governance, risk & internal audit. 

Independent Financial Advisory Firm of the Year & Best MENA Finance Specialist 2015 – Unlu & Co
Investment banking services and asset management group, based in Istanbul – Turkey. 

Best for ESG Strategic Advisory Services & Best Property Due Diligence Firm – Waterman Group
Provider of sustainable solutions to meet planning, engineering design and project delivery needs. 

Best for Preparing Business Plans – WBD Accountants
Accountancy firm providing a wide range of planning services, based in Edenbridge – Kent.

Dartmouth Partners| Protiviti | Unlu & Co | Waterman Group | WBD Accountants

Nathan Angell, Awards Coordinator, comments: “With the global economy progressing towards further prosperity, businesses and professionals across the world are doing phenomenal work and achieving stellar results for their clients. These awards put the spotlight on these outstanding individuals who have truly stepped up to the mark for their clients and it is an honour to recognise them for their success.”