Deloitte Consulting buys Indicia Talent & Performance

09 September 2015 2 min. read
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Deloitte has acquired Indicia Talent & Performance. “With the takeover of the activities of Indicia Talent & Performance, Deloitte strengthens its market position in the area of HR Cloud services,” explains Mario van Vliet, Managing Partner of Deloitte's Netherlands-based Consulting practice. Indicia Talent & Performance is an advisory specialised in SAP/SuccessFactors.

The year 2015 is seeing HR transformations, developments around (HR-) cloud and talent management more and more often central to the strategic agenda of HR departments. Joining the bandwagon is accountancy and consulting firm Deloitte that earlier this year decided to acquire HR consultancy firm FCTB (subsidiary of Indicia). The acquisition saw Deloitte strengthen its position in the area of human resources consulting, talent management and HR-cloud services. The deal involved the move of the employees, associates and the on-going projects of FCTB’s Amsterdam office to Deloitte.

In line with market developments, Deloitte expects services in the areas of HR Transformations, Talent Management and HR Cloud continue to grow over the coming years. “We see a growing demand for this type of service and associated professionals. We are uniquely able to deliver end-to-end solutions, from HR (Transformation) strategy to implementation,” says Van Vliet, adding: “This is a positive step for FCTB and Deloitte, but also for our clients whom we can better serve through this acquisition.”

Deloitte takes over Indicia Talent & Performance

Indicia Talent & Performance
Following the successful acquisition of FCTB, Deloitte recently decided to take things a step bigger, expanding its footprint within the HR domain even further – through the full acquisition of the office and activities of Indicia Talent & Performance. This deal also sees the employees, relationships and current assignments integrated within Deloitte. Frans Dagelet, the former Managing Director of Indicia Talent & Performance, will, following the completed transaction, take a role of Director at Deloitte Consulting.

Van Vliet comments: “With the acquisition of the activities of Indicia Talent & Performance, Deloitte’s leading market position in the field of HR Cloud Services and SAP/SuccessFactors is further strengthened.” Carlo Korssen, CEO of Indicia, ads: “Indicia Talent & Performance has built itself a formidable market position and has taken home several awards. We are proud of the fact that Deloitte would like to acquire this business off us and develop it further.”

Human Capital - Leadership
Last week Deloitte's Human Capital practice in the UK also rounded off an acquisition. Kaisen Consulting, a boutique leadership consultancy with offices in the UK and US, has joined the Big Four's ranks and will serve as the base for Deloitte's new Leadership service offering.