Ben Evans re-joins iMPOWER Consulting as Manager

04 September 2015 1 min. read
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Ben Evans recently re-joined iMPOWER after a six month stint at Capita Transformation. At iMPOWER, a London-based public sector consultancy, Evans has been appointed as Manager.

Ben Evans started his career a PA Consulting Group as a consultant in 2005, working for the consulting firm for almost three years before moving to rival KPMG as a Senior Consultant in 2008. In 2010, Evans joined iMPOWER for the first time, growing to become a Manager over his more than four years at the firm. Evans holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge.

Ben Evans - Impower

Early this year, Evans joined Capita Transformation, the business transformation arm of Capita, as a Managing Consultant. Roughly six months down the line, he has decided to return to his previous employer, where he has been welcomed back with open arms.  

Reflecting on his move to re-join iMPOWER, Evans says he closely identifies himself with the consulting firms' "desire to improve the public sector and what it delivers for citizens," adding that he is "delighted to be back" at iMPOWER.