Talent consultancy Ascend launches virtual leadership programme

15 June 2020 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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London-based talent strategy consultancy Ascend has launched a new virtual leadership development programme. The programme aims at helping leaders develop the skills needed to navigate their company through the economic uncertainty many businesses are now facing.

Explaining the move, Ascend’s CEO and Founder Bill Lawry said, “These uncertain times call for exceptional leaders who can help others to be resilient, can build strong remote teams, have successful remote conversations, and create powerful client and customer relationships. Supporting and developing outstanding leaders has never been more important, and HR professionals are under greater pressure to facilitate this.

In response to these demands, Ascend has made a mini introduction to its virtual leadership programmes available free of charge to senior HR professionals. This is hoped to give them tools and resources designed to address the present calls for effective leadership, while being mindful of the scrutiny on budgets and expenditure.

Talent consultancy Ascend launches virtual leadership programme

Ascend is a boutique consultancy based in London, England that specialises in helping people, teams and businesses attain and sustain elite performance. A former Director Learning & Development/Talent with PwC, Bill Lawry founded Ascend in 2005, with a view to offer talent strategy, leadership development and executive coaching services to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Having worked in the field of behavioural change for around 15 years now, Ascend’s new virtual programmes look to leverage this extensive experience via a blend of facilitated discussion, peer learning, and content, tailored to suit the needs of HR professionals in the current climate. The programmes launch with four key topics: enhancing personal and team resilience; leading successful remote teams; building successful client relationships; successful remote conversations.

The taster session will provide insights to and evidence of how the new virtual leadership development programmes can support HR teams to deliver a refocused strategy for their organisation’s leadership development. After that, each workshop runs over two 75-minute sessions and for a maximum of 12 people.

Lawry added, “People will get the most from the programmes by signing-up to all four workshops, but their modular format means they can work on a pick-and-mix basis too… An organisation is built on its people. With a workforce likely operating remotely, often in isolation, people are now dealing with a unique set of pressures and day-to-day uncertainties. Successful leadership depends heavily on leaders’ own resilience, performance, and effectiveness, and these new programmes are designed to develop these skills, which are critical to elite leadership at this time.