PwC partners with US based cyber security firm Tanium

25 August 2015 2 min. read

PwC and IT services firm Tanium signed a strategic alliance to combine PwC’s security expertise with Tanium’s technology. The deal sees PwC introduce new Tanium Accelerators to its Cyber Security Practice in a bid to provide its clients with enhanced capabilities to combat cybercrime.

Tanium was founded in 2007 to “deliver a new and innovative approach to endpoint management and security.” The IT services firm serves as a ‘central nervous system’ for its clients to provide them with the power to secure, control and manage millions of endpoints across their enterprise, allowing them to protect against modern day threats, while also realise cost efficiency in IT operations. The US-based firm has over 200 experts working from its six offices around the world.


With the aim to help their clients battle cyber-attacks and insider threats, professional services firm PwC and Tanium decided to partner up. Under the strategic alliance, PwC’s threat intelligence and consulting practices will be coupled with the endpoint security and systems management software platform of Tanium as the firm will introduce new Tanium Accelerators to its cyber security practice, including threat intelligence, content development, remote hunt team and incident response services, consulting and integration, and data privacy impact assessments.

The technology will enable PwC’s clients with 15-second visibility into and control over all of the globally distributed endpoints across the organisation, allowing them to quickly assess, identify and manage the threats and vulnerabilities they face on a daily basis.

David Damato and Kris McConkey“PwC’s Tanium Accelerator services have already helped their clients better detect, respond to, and resolve advanced attacks,” explains David Damato, Chief Security Officer at Tanium. “Having spent years on the front lines of cyber-crime investigations for Fortune 500 companies, it’s clear that the combination of PwC’s Cyber Security practice capabilities and Tanium’s platform enabling 15-second endpoint visibility and control will bring immense value to organisations.”

Kris McConkey, Cyber Security Partner at PwC, adds: “Cyber security remains one of the leading concerns for today’s CEOs given the risk to their businesses from the increasing prevalence of cyber and insider threats. By combining PwC’s global incident response, intelligence and security consulting teams with the speed and flexibility of the Tanium platform we are making a real difference to the security challenges our clients are facing. Organisations now have the ability to act faster and smarter at scale to identify and resolve malicious activity, minimise their attack surface and establish facts about their environment in 15 seconds which previously took days or weeks.”