Expert economy platform Comatch adopts new brand

29 May 2020 4 min. read
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International consulting network Comatch has adopted new branding in 2020. The platform for the expert economy hopes its new identity will help demonstrate the agility, dedication and collaboration at its heart.

Comatch is one of a growing number of platforms which matches independent experts with clients, tapping into the increasing trend toward freelance consulting. Comatch’s expansive database now contains more than 10,000 consultants and industry experts, having launched just five years ago – but what really differentiates Comatch in the crowded market, it states, is its insistence on top-level talent.

In order to better reflect Comatch’s uniqueness, the company has announced it will launch a new brand identity in mid-2020. Working with strategic design and branding agency Serious Business, Comatch’s new branding is aimed at emphasising its partnerships with organisations and consultants, and representing the core aspect of its business: Collaboration.

According to Christoph Hardt, co-founder and CEO of Comatch, one of the main drivers of the gig economy’s recent growth has been the need of businesses to quickly create cross-disciplinary teams. This has made “a very flexible way of collaboration” essential to solving many of modern business’ key issues.

COMATCH - The consulting marketplace

In order to reflect this visually, Comatch looked to utilise a universally acknowledged signifier of cooperation – the handshake – while working it into different shapes that are interacting with each other to create an intersection, or “a collaborative space.” The intersection between the two hands is where the company asserts that “the magic happens,” meaning it is always highlighted with Comatch’s signature shade of blue, or the new shade of Comatch green.

The graphic elements form the foundation of a whole new graphic language for the firm, which it is deploying as standalone elements to give space to the messages based around the narrative that collaboration is fulfilling with the right people on your side. At the same time, it is also using written text in the form of a new tag-line.

“Collaborate. Succeed. Repeat. Comatch. Succeed. Repeat.”

More than just a job

At the same time as emphasising the collaborative spirit at the heart of its business, Comatch’s new identity also seeks to promote the passion with which its professionals approach their engagements. According to Hardt, Comatch’s consultants are fiercely independent and driven by taking back control of their work to supply unique solutions to clients, while allowing themselves to enjoy more fulfilled lives.

“A huge majority quit their job to pursue a career as an independent consultant,” Hardt explained. “They make more money, have more flexibility and responsibility — nine out of 10 say they are at least as happy as before or even happier… We therefore follow the maxim: it is more than just a job!”

COMATCH - Collaborate Succeed Repeat

At the same time, this mixture of passion and agility means that Comatch expects a bright future for its network – one which the branding will also help illustrate. The firm sees itself as disrupting the process of how consultants are identified and how teams are constructed, not the day-to-day operations of a project. While consulting is often said to be a ‘people business’, the new digital branding of Comatch hopes to show it is well prepared to adapt to a business environment where remote work is more often required.

Hardt concluded, “Teams can be assembled very fast, in a few hours with the best talent available in-house and externally, and they will dissolve as soon as a project has been successfully finished. Remote work will be more common and team roles will be solely based on expertise, not age or title. Knowledge mapping of their own staff will be standard for every company, so employees will shift from project to project instead of staying in one department all their career and working in silos will be regarded as old-fashioned.”

In December last year, Comatch cracked the milestone of 10,000 vetted consultants in its network.