Analysys Mason supporting Ireland's National Broadband Plan

30 December 2019 2 min. read

A new scheme to upgrade the nation’s internet connections is set to see more than 1 million people across Ireland given access to super-fast broadband by the end of 2020. Consulting firm Analysys Mason worked with the Irish Government on the plans over the past four years.

The internet is an important contributor to Ireland's economy and education, as well as a key piece of infrastructure for most modern business. In 2018, the Central Statistics Office found that almost nine in every 10 households had access to the internet in Ireland.

Now, as Ireland looks to build on these solid foundations, Ireland’s Government has commenced a campaign to roll out high-speed broadband across the country.

High-speed connections are set to become a reality for 1.1 million people in 2020, with work due to begin in the coming weeks. The National Broadband Plan is meant to ensure that all of rural Ireland get the same access to opportunities offered by high-speed broadband as urban areas. Upon signing the contract for the plan, the Irish Government also published a list of approximately 300 community centres, schools, library hubs and local GAA halls in every county, all of which will be connected to high speed broadband during 2020, to enable communities to quickly get free public access to high speed broadband.

Analysys Mason supporting Ireland's National Broadband Plan

Speaking on his Government’s scheme, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said, “This contract means that every home, school, farm and business in Ireland will get access to high speed broadband. No part of the country will be left behind in securing the jobs and opportunities of the future… Broadband will be the biggest investment in Rural Ireland ever. We can have more people working from home, a better work-life balance, fewer car journeys, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. We can connect better with the world, with family members, with business, with new ideas and new ways of doing things.”

Telecoms, media and technology consultancy Analysys Mason has been working with Ireland’s Government on the proposals for the last four years. According to a release from the firm, “It has been the most complex, challenging and rewarding broadband project that Analysys Mason has ever worked on.”

Since 1985, Analysys Mason's consulting and analyst teams have played an influential role in key industry milestones and helping clients around the world through major shifts in the market, such as adapting to business in the internet and digital eras. The firm recently worked with the Scottish Government to estimate the total success of Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband campaign; a £442 million investment which Analysys Mason contends will yield more than £2 billion in benefits over 15 years.