Atos partners with Digital Guardian for data loss service

17 July 2015 2 min. read

Atos and cyber security firm Digital Guardian have partnered up to deliver Atos’ cloud-based Data Loss Prevention Service, developed to protect sensitive, private and critical business data from loss from nefarious actors. The service is designed to be rapidly scalable, integrated with existing business services and fast to deploy.

In an ever connected world, the possibility of sensitive (and private) information being illegally accessed by undesired adversaries is an increasingly reality. The consequences of a failure to protect information from such an attack can be considerable for businesses, including the loss of revenue, negative publicity and reduced brand equity.

In recent times companies have sprung into existence to combat the threat of criminals penetrating a network. One such company is Digital Guardian, formally Verdasys, whose data-aware security platform is designed to prevent adversaries taking sensitive and private information. The platform provides security across the end-points of a clients’ network, such as between mobile and cloud based applications. Digital Guardian has been operating since 2003, offering its defensive software both as an on premise deployment or an outsourced managed security programme (MSP).

Atos partners with Digital Guardian for data loss service

Data Loss Prevention Service
IT consulting firm Atos recently launched its cloud-based Data Loss Prevention Service that provides clients anywhere in the world with a means to prevent data loss, whether it be from unauthorised insider activity or external threats including advanced malware. The new service bring together its Security Operation Centre and expertise in DLP to provide a robust risk management service. The system is designed for scalability and fast deployment and integration into existing business and corporate environments.

To offer the service to its clients around the world, Atos has decided to partner up with Digital Guardian. The deal will boost the service with Digital Guardian’s data loss prevention technology. “Atos is already providing data loss prevention services to multiple customers today and through this partnership we hope to bring our unique service to many more clients,” explains Chris Moret, Vice President Cyber Security at Atos. “What is particularly exciting is how this service is delivered via the cloud and combines Digital Guardian data loss prevention technology and Atos SOC capabilities to provide an end-to end service that’s able to monitor, detect and mitigate data leakage 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.”

Doug Bailey, Chief Strategy Officer at Digital Guardian, adds: “Many companies do not have the resources and expertise to implement a data protection solution in the required time frame. Atos’ world class delivery capabilities combined with Digital Guardian, the market’s most comprehensive data protection solution offers customers the fastest time to protection of their critical assets.”