McGladrey: Five tech trends to watch for in 2015

16 July 2015 2 min. read
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Bill Kracunas, Principal at accounting and consulting firm McGladrey, provides his view on the five major technology trends to watch for this year.

1. Cloud productivity will move from concept to mainstream for organisations.
The maturity of cloud solutions over the last few years in both applications and hardware as a service has finally made it possible for mainstream adoption.

2. Organisations will experience the power of purpose-driven social media.
Social media as a medium is shifting from a reactionary marketing approach to one of intentional use and purpose-driven, with more clarity around return on investment.


3. The Internet of Things will drive new innovation of traditional products.
Traditional "stand-alone products," i.e. home appliances, will become connected to the Internet enabling manufacturers to have better control over maintenance, service and re-buy situations.

4. Interactive products expand rapidly due to the Internet of Things.
The innovation of traditional products will continue to happen and accelerate as the Internet of Things hits critical mass. This new platform will yield more information for consumers and manufacturers and connect products together like never before.

5. Big data and CRM is enabling the micro segmentation of customers.
The data that is being driven by various systems, applications and products is making providers of goods and services more knowledgeable about their customers. Organisations that can harness critical information and better target existing and potential new customers, and employees, will help drive revenue growth and market differentiation.

Bill Kracunas - McGladrey

Earlier this year Bill Kracunas was named head of McGladrey’s US Management Consulting Practice, succeeding Jim Lamb, who retired in April.